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Whether you are excavating, digging or looking to find underground assets, we use the latest technology to locate pipes and cables underground. This is a solution to protecting these assets from any damage. We can locate high and low voltage electrical cables as well as Telstra, telecommunications, water pipes and gas. For untraceable pipes such as sewer and stormwater and non-conductive cables like optic fibre, we use tracewires and sondes for locating.

We give our clients a directional path as well as depths on these assets below the surface, before any excavating or digging occurs, to reduce the risks of any damage.

We are also HIGHLY trained technicians and Telstra accredited and Dial Before you Dig certified locators.

For our clients and contractors, once the assets have been located, we will complete a job sheet, a report and notification on which assets were located for all of our client's records.

Dial Before You Dig Certified

Dial Before You Dig

New Service - Waterproofing now Available

Licence number 113848C

Prevent water damage. Protect your wet areas:

Thermal and Infrared Camera also Available

With our thermal and infrared camera we can find:


Finding gas lines is a key part of the service we provide. Gas lines can be extremely dangerous when ruptured.


To ensure you don't disrupt water services to properties our technician can locate the pipes for you with no disruption to the service.


Our Telstra accreditation means that you can rely on us to have the required knowledge to find the service cables, without disruption to your phone line.


We can locate both low and high voltage cables without risk to you or your property, with no disruption to the service.

Sewer/Storm Pipes

To avoid creating a stink in your neigbourhood, contact our certified locater before you dig.


Telstra accreditation means that we are also qualified to locate newer communication services, including the fibre optics and the NBN.

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